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Yaca Sura won, in this fashion, n victory in & rl.rca battle
on S.S. 1524, Plava. Jyestha, Łn 10, Sunday.*

lrtitig "/« Jri I'attZzcsriirs pp« T-T-SS'

This kfj-ira-wjal'Qttu, (ao count) is prepared oy Li:uarav%
the karagaw. of the village of Vuddiiak:, on hail 1 1527th year
of the ever victorious Salivahaua Suia corr^spcu-rlfcig to
Krodhi, Magha, ba. 10. This wjf&aftt (account) is prepared
while (with titles) YeiikLtapatirayalayya is guvsrikr.ij the
kingdom of the earth in the city of Veluru.

The iscJra-Sj/flil'a^if-czi' i? prepared l?y Cina-5urappa.
son of Vedadri, *he karanaw of Tuddiralp.. ov* haill 153I?t year
nf the ever viMtori.T.s oalirahA^a Sa.'ka corresponding" to
ivilaka, Vai^SkLct, Sn 7. This « ;/<!<•«{:« (accotiTit) h prepared
while (v»ith titles) Vfra Venkatayyaray&i.igarii. i5* nili^g the
kingdom of the earth in the city ot Veluru.

XsSfyiS y rtJJtrX*: L R. 20, j>, 1Ł1,

His (Aiiaiiif.rajaV; soc. Tiniveiiga]&:-aTha, Tvho succeeded
him. carried 0:1 the a diniyi^t ration cf the estate. Vlra
Venkatapatideva HafcSraya TT:;O TT&& greatly iinpressed with
his prowess presented to him goldfcii dr\ini», the fisli standard
taken from an e:iemy, and the KSSya's own horse a:ul elephant,
together with their trappings. The Bhttis who were present 01 4
the occasion composed (the folio-wing) verse in his praise ; — •
" O ! King Matla Th uvengalanatha, the Saya
your courage, and gracefully bestowed upon you the
the whisk of heroism. 0 ! king, the emperor granted yon the
rare privilege of using the golden drums? having complimented
you on your strength. He gave you the malahari, as if to grant
you permission to conquer the countries of the enemy 5 he
presented to you kindly the SsL-standard, the symbol of power
over all earth, even on the day on which you took it. More-
* The date is not correct.   The correct date Is 5*S. 1523.